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Learn Why Ford Drivers from Waconia, Chaska, Mound, Belle Plaine and Excelsior Choose to do Business with Waconia Ford Sales Inc.

Let's break down just how much we have to offer here at Waconia Ford Sales Inc., so you can feel more at home from the second you walk through the doors to our showroom.

Not only do we offer an awesome array of excellent new Ford models on location, but we also have a huge inventory of used cars at our dealership as well. When you select the perfect model for your automotive needs, our finance team will work with you to find the best way to make you a car owner, on the best possible car loan and Ford lease for your specific needs.

Once you're an owner, Waconia Ford Sales Inc. is still here to help you have the best experience possible. Our customers love our on-site car service and maintenance staff and department, where highly trained technicians use the best equipment and only certified Ford parts on your car, keeping your model running smoothly and reliably for years to come.

For the entire car buying and ownership process, Waconia Ford Sales Inc. is here to help. If you are interested in more information about any of the products or services we have to offer here, come in and visit us soon! We are located at 235 West Hwy 5 Waconia, Minnesota, and proudly serve drivers from Chaska, Mound, Belle Plaine and Excelsior as well.

About Waconia Ford.

Tim Curtis purchased Waconia Ford in 2006, but the dealership has been a staple in the city of Waconia since the early 1900‘s. Although ownership, location, and structure have changed throughout the years many people have not. Here are some stories from the people who have seen it all.

Mike Keaveny has been a car sales person since 1973. As we all know today when a new model year vehicle hits the lot there isn’t much hoopla. There aren’t people waiting at the door to get the first glimpse of the new Ford, but back in time the release of the new vehicle models was a big deal. It was called “The New Car Showing” weekend. Waconia Ford would cover the windows the night before to prevent people from peeking. They would serve food and beverages and really made it a party. People were excited and anxious.   Mike had a customer which owned a LTD and one year the LTD Landau was released with many more bells and whistles. Mike not only snuck him to see the vehicle (because no one was allowed to see them prior to the reveal) but he had him come back in the dark to take delivery. His customer wanted to be the first on the road driving the never seen before Landau on his way to work the next morning. This is what Mike does for his customers, he will go out of his way to make buying a new vehicle a fun and exciting experience.

Ron Wagener has been a salesperson at Waconia Ford for 18 years. There are very few car sales people that stay at one dealership their entire career. Because Waconia Ford is considered a small town dealership you wouldn’t expect someone’s name to get around, unlike the Twin Cities where people move from one dealership to another and pretty soon you know just about everyone “in the business.” Surprisingly they do, according to one of Ron’s customers. His customer was at another dealer showing them the proposal Ron had given him. The saleswoman he was working with did not believe it until a co-worker looked at the proposal. The co-worker told the salesperson that if Ron Wagener from Waconia Ford had given him that proposal it was true and honest. Small town dealer or not, when honesty and integrity are a way of life, the word will get around.

Jerrod Hucky has practically grown up at Waconia Ford. He’s been a service advisor, taking care of people and their cars for 15 years. The intellect of vehicles today compared to vehicles just 10 years ago is hard to explain to even the most knowledgeable of car people. One of his challenges throughout the years is the change in the “key.” Around 1999 Ford decided to put a chip in ignition keys, obviously to reduce the number of vehicles being stolen. A great plan but a $2.00 key became $60.00 back in 1999. No longer was it an easy phone call to the dealer to cut you a key, where you send your spouse to get it, now you had to program the key as well, meaning the vehicle physically needed to be at the dealership. Today keys and/or FOB’s can run up to $250.00 with the programming. Many cars today don’t even need a key in the ignition to start their vehicles, only FOB’s are needed. But hold on to them, they are by no means any cheaper to replace. Whatever the situation Jerrod can always be depended on to give you the most knowledgeable and expert advice, as well as an honest and competitive price. 

Mavis Berwald has worked in the office for 18 years. Aside from selling cars, car parts and fixing them, a dealership needs a strong accounting department to keep it viable. Perhaps the plus’s and minus’ of accounting haven’t changed but where they are stored and how they are recorded certainly has. There was no email or scanning, “copies” were an individual writing it multiple times on different sheets of paper. In her 18 years she has progressed through writing everything down, making copies of everything written and now scanning everything printed by the computer and then shredding it. Leaving no paper to file and recycling 98 percent of the paper produced. Changes which not only benefited the dealership but the environment and our community as well. 

John Beck has gone from being the youngest technician when he started in 1986 to “the most seasoned” technician at Waconia Ford. When he started he was one of three technicians, the store was located on Main Street, and the high school was located where Bayview Elementary is currently. He remembers on fall days the marching band practicing up and down Main Street as he was working.  A person can almost picture a scene from the movie The Music Man and 76 trombones rolling through the streets. Another nostalgic memory is caramel rolls. Remember the saying, “A way to man’s heart is through his stomach”?, an employee of whom passed sadly due to cancer, Candy Ertl made some incredible caramel rolls because John still drools when he remembers them. She would make large cake pans of them and bring them to work to share with everyone. These are memories that make the people and place you work a second home and family, appreciating more than just the paycheck. 

Todd Machtemes , if you can’t tell by the name, has been with Waconia Ford since birth. He started selling cars on the weekends to pay for his college tuition, which evolved into selling cars full time. He may be young but he still remembers the days when the store was on Main Street and he could wave to all of his customers and neighbors as they drove by, pretty tough to do when people buzz by on Highway 5. People may not get the wave any longer but they will always get the friendly and personal attention Todd gives to all of his customers.

New faces and new places only change the framework of a business. It’s the beliefs and values of the employees that create a business. Waconia Ford will continue to be a staple in the community for many years to come. Please stop in, grab a cup of coffee and say hello to the Waconia Ford Family.

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